Research Warriors - A Trumpet Call!

Diagnostic or Prayer Research is one of the 5 key elements to be found in instances of transformation, but it is probably the least coherent!

Gateway is interested in drawing together those people who are called to this area of ministry so that we can network together, undertake joint projects and develop a general research resource for the wider Body of Christ.

There are several levels of involvement:

  1. Develop a general network of research-type people who are mapping their area/community/region; sharing research and resources

  2. Undertake Specific Projects

  3. Provide on-going research assistance to those working towards transformation. In this we will be working closely with the English Strategic Prayer Network.

If you think you fit into any of the above categories I would like to hear from you. Or if you know someone who is researching, please put them in contact with us.

The network structure will be a broad relational wineskin that does not entail time-consuming meetings and will enable us to liaise via email. This will facilitate local initiatives and not take away from local priorities. The expectation will be that researchers are already networking locally within their own church and community.

There are three specific projects with which I am particularly interested in recruiting help:

  1. A Josiah Map: there are numerous strongholds in the land that have never been repented of and which represent high places. We want to produce a map that identifies these places and which will be made available to major prayer networks (eg Lydia, Women Aglow etc) and others who pray for the nation;
  2. Counter-Information Calendar: Every month different festivals and events are celebrated that constitute the worship of other gods, or which publicise spiritual wickedness. It is time for Christians to rise up and begin to deal with the giants that are in the land. At the same time grace and mercy needs to be extended to people groups to facilitate the preaching of the gospel. Profiles will be developed that will help Intercessors to pray effectively into this. It is not just about pulling down but also about building up.
  3. UK Redemptive Map: there have been numerous moves of the Holy Spirit within our islands, marks of God down through history. This map will be in contrast to the Josiah map and will enable God's people to rejoice and give thanks. At the same time we will be motivated to pray afresh for a new outpouring of God's spirit and an re-opening of the ancient wells and anointings that are dormant in the land.

To keep costs down it is highly recommended that you have access to email as this will be the favoured form of communication. It might be that you are interested in praying into these projects - this is most important also and greatly appreciated. We will work at three levels: local, regional and national. It is envisaged that the projects will begin in the New Year with the gathering in of information. If you can help with any of the above, please contact me.


With Every Blessing,

Francesca Cornu Fleming

Gateway Ministries.