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Sowing Seeds of Revivial + Impacting the City (Set) Sowing Seeds of Revivial + Impacting the City (Set)
by Martin Scott

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Sowing Seeds for Revival

Martin Scott has been (and still is) a leader within the Pioneer movement for many years and now heads up his own ministry entitled Sowing Seeds for Revival. In this book he takes up the themes of stewardship, cleansing of the land and spiritual beachheads and places them within our own cultural context.

Impacting the City

From the back cover: Martin Scott's previous book, Gaining Ground, focused on the development of strategic prayer, examined possible new shapes for the 21st Century Church and looked at how churches can join together in unified prayer initiatives that will reach their communities. In Impacting the City Martin breaks new ground and takes these concepts further to look at how God's people can effectively reach their City.

Martin Scott unfolds a four-fold City-reaching strategy and contends that wherever these four elements are combined, the Church will make a significant impact:

  1. When those with leadership responsibility come together in unity.
  2. When believers begin to exert influence in each 'sphere' of city life.
  3. When multi-level prayer is developed.
  4. When a prophetic watch-people is raised up.

Martin Scott also proposes that there are a limited number of 'city types' based on the seven cities of the book of Revelation. These types are examined so that readers will be able to identify the characteristics of their own city and form an appropriate strategy for obtaining a breakthrough.