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Gateway Research Reports Full Set Gateway Research Reports Full SetNew Product!
by Francesca Cornu Fleming

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Includes the following reports:

  1. The Dover Gateway
  2. The Greenwich Portal
  3. The Trafalgar Square Complex
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The Dover Gateway The Dover Gateway
by Francesca Cornu Fleming

Dover has been identified as the major spiritual gateway into the nation. In is report Francesca details from earliest records the effects of entrances and exits from the different people groups and demonstrates convincingly the spiritual deposit laid down by each people group. The report comes complete with a full set of graphics showing the historical gateway.

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The Greenwich Portal The Greenwich Portal
by Francesca Cornu Fleming, Jane Almond

Co-authored with Jane Almond, this report gives a comprehensive overview of how Greenwich became the site for the prime meridian and the spiritual dynamics that have been unleashed as a result.

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The Trafalgar Square Complex The Trafalgar Square Complex
by Francesca C. Fleming

Written over a period of three months, the report identifies the masonic foundations of the City of London and Trafalgar Square and how these built upon earlier strongholds laid down in the reigns of Edward I and Charles II. It contains a strong prophetic element as the author sought to unravel the insights given to prophetic voices within the nation. Read more...

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