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Alan and Eileen Vincent, Outpouring Ministries

Originally from England Alan and Eileen are known worldwide for their dynamic teachings and kingdom living. They are a kingdom apostolic couple who are modern pioneers of the faith in such places as India, Africa, Europe and the USA. Alan is an anointed apostle and spiritual father who teaches with God-given revelation, Eileen is a powerful intercessor, preacher and teacher who ministers with a strong prophetic anointing. Alan is a spiritual father to Franz Lippi. Gateway is thrilled to present the first of many of Alan's teachings here to a new audience.

Possessing Our Cities for God by Alan Vincent

Possessing Our Cities cover (Go on-line to view images) God has a plan to overthrow the purposes of evil and establish His promises. This CD set will give you the faith and the tools that you can make a difference in your city. God has promised that His Seed will possess the gate of His enemies. Jesus died and was raised to see this accomplished and today it can happen through His believing Church.

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5 Steps to Powerful Praying by Alan Vincent

5 Steps to Powerful Praying cover (Go on-line to view images) In this 4-CD series Alan shows the increasing powerful levels of prayer from effective personal prayer to spiritual warfare on a corporate level in the Church.

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Franz Lippi, BLAST Ministries

Blast Ministries is an apostolic network based in Graz, south east Austria and from 1980 they have been working consistently and tirelessly towards transformation in the region. The teaching CDs below contain many vital keys in taking back our regions and cities for the Kingdom and form the first in a Spiritual Warrior Series. Franz Lippi is the Apostolic leader and a spiritual son of Alan Vincent.

Spiritual Warrior Set 1 by Franz Lippi

Spiritual Warrior Set cover Buy all four of Franz Lippi's CDs and save 10%!

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Partakers of the Divine Nature by Franz Lippi

Partakers of the Divine Nature cover Jesus knew who He was and from where He came. Armed with this assurance He took on the enemy and defeated him in every area. Jesus has imparted His Divine Nature into us so we too, knowing who we am in Christ, can move in the same victorious power and take back the land.

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The Secret Place by Franz Lippi

The Secret Place cover The secret of Jesus' public ministry was His prayer life in the secret place with the Father. Jesus had an intimate relationship with His father. He had his secret prayer life with the father and even obtained the words that he would speak over people's lives. Are you a person of the secret place? It is in the secret place that we get in tune with the Holy Spirit and learn what is in the heart of God for our cities and nation.

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Pray Like a Son by Franz Lippi

Pray Like a Son cover There is a difference between a petitioner and a son. Through Jesus we have been made sons of God with the same access and privileges that Jesus had. We have inherited his nature and the abilities that go with it. Now we are no longer just human, we are sons of The Most High God. And God has sons who live in a male tent or in a female tent. The challenge is to take up our responsibilities and start praying as a Son.

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The Force of Two or Three by Franz Lippi

The Force of Two or Three cover Once we know and believe the true divine nature within us, have found the secret place and received our sonship, we are ready to put Matt 18:19 a divine principle of power multiplication, into practice. If we have learned to put 1000 demons to flight in the Secret Place God can join us with like-minded prayer warriors to put 5000 to flight! This is the prayer that the enemy fears the most because then the Word of God in its full power comes against him. It is one of the most potent weapons in unlocking regions for the Kingdom of God.

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Debra Green, Redeeming Our Communities

Based in Manchester and headed up by Debra Green, this initiative promotes partnerships for spiritual and social transformation, through prayer and action. Since the 1990s the Greens have been praying faithfully and pulling together others to pray for their city. What has emerge is a national initiative that partners closely with the local police to pray into hotspots, problems areas and unsolved crimes that has seen a measurable decrease in the overall crime rate.

City Changing Prayer by Debra Green

City Changing Prayer cover This is the book and DVD set of the Manchester story so far. Prayer changes things and I consider that Manchester could be one of the first regions in the UK to see significant community transformation. The DVD shows interviews with senior police officers indicating how prayer has made a difference to the crime rate. As you go through this book you will be encouraged to 'stay the course' regarding your own city or region. God does and will turn up!

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Francesca Cornu Fleming, Gateway Ministries.

Headed up by Francesca Cornu Fleming, GCM has been in the forefront of bringing top Kingdom products to the praying communities in the UK. She is actively involved in warfare prayer.

The Biblical Basis for Spiritual Mapping by Francesca C Fleming

The Biblical Basis for Spiritual Mapping cover In this CD Francesca gives an extensive overview of the origins, purpose and practical outworking of this spiritual tool and how Israel were always successful in battle when it was applied correctly and with obedience.

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How Spiritual Strongholds are Established by Francesca C. Fleming

How Spiritual Strongholds are Established cover In this more advanced teaching Francesca unpacks how generational strongholds are established and how the enemy uses four key strategies to imprison communities and nations. She identifies May Day and Freemasonry in particular and exposes their idolatrous roots.

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Mapping and Strongholds (2 Product set) by Francesca C. Fleming

Buy both CDs together and save 10%! These are essential tools for the serious Spiritual Prayer Warrior.

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Martha Lucia, The Watchman Network

Martha Lucia, founder of this network, is an ordained minister who has been sowing into England to help teach and train an army of intercessors. She serves as the General of Intercession for Christian International Ministries Network and is a member of the "Eagles of God" strategic intercession team.

The Watchman by Martha Lucia

The Watchman cover One of the prophetic ministries in the Body of Christ is that of the Watchman. Ezekiel is the best example in the Bible. Prophetic watchmen are vital components of any of Christian endeavour and this book explains the role, purpose and practical outworking of this gift for the Church today.

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The Gate of Prayer by Martha Lucia

The Gate of Prayer cover The Church's greatest power lies in the Gate of Prayer. Using the progression of the Early Church in the Book of Acts, the authors lead you step by step into building blocks of truth which are opened to the believer through the Gate of Prayer. The authors have captured a key to changing the atmosphere of earth from heaven. Every gatekeeper and intercessor should read this book.

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Alistair Petrie, Partnership Ministries

Alistair Petrie was born in Scotland and raised in Canada and has pastored in England and Scotland. He is an author, consultant and conference speaker who travels extensively working with leaders in churches, businesses, cities and nations addressing both local and global issues. He helps the Church to discover the cutting edge insights required in preparing it for revival and lasting transformation.

Heal the Land by Alistair Petrie

Heal the Land cover Dr. Petrie provides in-depth teaching on the subject of healing the land, challenging his viewer's worldview and promoting a graphic understanding of the combination of research and informed prayer resulting in transformation of cities and nations. This remarkable 2 DVD set has been filmed onsite in Canada and Scotland and includes profound testimonies and breathtaking scenery.

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Shout! For the Lord has Given You the City!

Shout! For the Lord has Given You the City! cover (Go on-line to view images) This 2 DVD set includes a walkthrough tour of a typical city, highlighting its doorways of access. Dr. Petrie then gives solid in-depth teaching explaining how we can make a tangible difference for the Kingdom both personally and corporally.

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