Gateway Partner Programme

The Gateway Partner Programme is a way of bringing Christians together who wish to participate with Gateway in pursuing community, regional and national transformation. Whether your prayers are directed around the local neighbourhood or halfway around the world, we are certain that the regular updates and personal assistance made available to members will be of help to you.

What We Offer Members

1. Global Transformations Updates

Members will receive weekly email updates from The Sentinel Group's Explorers' Program for intercessors. Each update contains a special report on an area or region that is moving towards transformation. In this way, members benefit from Gateway's continued partnership with The Sentinel Group and are the first to be informed of ongoing developments worldwide.

2. Discounts

Members are guaranteed substantial discounts on all of Gateway's products and the same discount applies to Gateway conferences and seminars in the UK (as these are developed). In addition a monthly 'special' discount is offered through the weekly email update and Members will benefit from being among the first to know of new products becoming available and offered at discounted rates.

3. Gateway Research Warriors Forum

Many of our customers are involved in prayer research (spiritual mapping) and to help serve their needs Members are invited at no additional charge to join the Forum, hosted online by Gateway Ministries. This forum provides unlimited opportunity to exchange notes with other prayer research and intercessory warriors within the UK and Europe.

4. Counter Information Calendar

Gateway intends to develop a series of briefings that highlight the various festivals and events that are celebrated regularly that constitute the worship of other gods, or which publicise spiritual wickedness. Profiles will be developed that will help God's people to pray effectively into this. A professionally produced map will be made freely available to Members so that they can pray within their church and community into these areas and for the people groups involved. For non-Members this service will be available for a separate cost.

5. Special Prayer Updates and Occasional Briefings

Gateway is involved in a number of projects, initiatives and speaking engagements and the Partners' Programme contributes very directly to these. Partners will be kept informed from time to time of these developments and briefings will be made available as appropriate.

What We Ask

1. Pray

Commit yourself to pray for at least 20 minutes each week for Gateway Ministries, its work, projects and people.

2. Support

Send a donation of at least £10 each month to help advance the work of Gateway's projects. With your help we will continue to plant a vision for community transformation, expand the growing army of prayer researchers and supply the kind of reliable information needed for effective intercession. To welcome you to the programme we will send you a beautifully produced Transformations Calendar (while stocks last) or another free gift.

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