Let the Sea Resound

By Inger J. Logelin

It's no secret that Fiji is enjoying the fruits of a full-blown national revival. The highest political leaders and chiefs have dedicated the land back to God. Following nationwide repentance and reconciliation, Fiji's land and sea are experiencing a renaissance. Fish long absent along the coasts have returned in abundance. Coral reefs are coming back to life. Polluted water has been cleansed. Fruit trees and fields are yielding bumper crops. Crime is down, and the economy is experiencing a new vitality. Prison inmates are coming to the Lord, and churches are full. Ethnic Fijians and Indo-Fijians have experienced some reconciliation, and many Hindu Indo-Fijians are turning to the Lord. Remarkable healings have resulted in whole families coming to the Lord. Nearly 100 communities have been totally transformed.

All of this has happened since many in the nation began crying out to God following the civil unrest, coup and violence of May 2000. While poverty still plagues one-quarter of the population, in measurable ways this nation of 850,000 people on 322 islands is a different place.

The Sentinel Group's newest video Let the Sea Resound tells the powerful story. This 79-minute video, the first in the Moving Cloud series, first premiered in the United States in Indianapolis on March 19, 2004, and afterwards in Houston, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and Nashville. Now it is being distributed nationwide and worldwide beginning in Sydney, Australia and Suva, Fiji.

At the national premiere in Fiji, excitement reached a crescendo. On April 18, 2004 at the World Harvest Church in Suva the overwhelming response was immediately evident. George Otis, Jr., producer of the film, said the film was "interrupted over and over again by praise, worship and shouts." Key government leaders saw the film, including the president of the senate, cabinet officers, and members of parliament.

The next morning Otis met with the leaders of the Association of Christian Churches of Fiji, the head of the foreign ministry, and key leaders, including the nominee to serve as Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations, and the ambassador to the European Union. He said, "They came just buzzing." Many had watched the video again in their homes the previous evening. They came excitedly talking about how they could get the video out to every village in the nation.

Otis told the assembled leaders, "Now that God's favor has fallen on your nation you need to think about maintaining this revival. The favor of God brings abundance. One of the curious things about revivals is when abundance comes we tend to pull back and rest on our laurels and that brings things to an end. Or we tend to institutionalize." His advice that day was to, "Give away the abundance that God brings. Pass it along. If you do that, it serves two purposes. First, you spread the revival. Second, you prop open the window of God's favor in your own backyard."

In September of 2004, Fiji will experience an onslaught of blessing from overseas. The Sentinel Group, CitiReach International, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association and the Living Stones Foundation are partnering together for "Fiji 2004". Volunteer participants and ministry teams will converge on Fiji to bless and serve the Fijian church through practical opportunities and projects, prayer events, and a FijiFest with Luis Palau. The Sentinel Group will be leading a Healing the Land Tour (where participants can see for themselves how God has healed local villages and ecosystems) joint prayer sessions, and a revival outreach to surrounding nations. Otis is planning a "reformation summit" during these days in Fiji, calling together key influencers from all aspects of Fijian society, and catalytic leaders from other regions where God is moving. They will talk together about how to take God-given principles and revelation and "rub them like lotion into the skin of society."

The revival torch that the president of Fiji commissioned has gone throughout the nation. "Transformation associates" from the revival in Fiji, and elsewhere, will fan out in May and June of 2005, first to nations in Melanesia and Southeast Asia where groups are praying for revival in their own nations. George Otis, Jr. says, "Communities are saying, 'Send someone to help us prepare the way for the Lord.'"

The blessing of God on Fiji is being given away, and (can you hear it?) the sea is resounding.

By Inger J. Logelin

Have You Thought?

How can I rub the lotion of godly principles into the skin of my society?

Transformation Moment

"Where the Spirit is poured out on the church, it sweeps the believers along as though in a great river of obedience, praise, and mighty works. Empowered by the Spirit, the community can dare and hope great things, seeing visions, dreaming dreams, turning the world upside down."
Richard B. Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation

For more information about Fiji2004 see the website at www.fiji2004.org. Let the Sea Resound will be available from Gateway Christian Media Ltd by the end of July 2004.

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