Francesca Cornu Fleming,
Gateway Ministries.

Headed up by Francesca Cornu Fleming, GCM Ltd. has been in the forefront of bringing top Kingdom products to the praying communities in the UK. She is actively involved in warfare prayer.

Alan and Eileen Vincent,
Outpouring Ministries

Originally from England Alan and Eileen are known worldwide for their dynamic teachings and kingdom living. They are a kingdom apostolic couple who are modern pioneers of the faith in such places as India, Africa, Europe and the USA. Alan is an anointed apostle and spiritual father who teaches with God-given revelation, Eileen is a powerful intercessor, preacher and teacher who ministers with a strong prophetic anointing. Alan is a spiritual father to Franz Lippi. Gateway is thrilled to present the first of many of Alan's teachings here to a new audience.

Franz Lippi,
BLAST Ministries

BLAST Ministries is an apostolic network based in Graz, south east Austria and from 1980 they have been working consistently and tirelessly towards transformation in the region. His teaching CDs contain many vital keys in taking back our regions and cities for the Kingdom and form the first in a Spiritual Warrior Series. Franz Lippi is the Apostolic leader and a spiritual son of Alan Vincent.

Redeeming Our Communities,
Debra Green

Based in Manchester and headed up by Debra Green, this initiative promotes partnerships for spiritual and social transformation, through prayer and action. Since the 1990s the Greens have been praying faithfully and pulling together others to pray for their city. What has emerge is a national initiative that partners closely with the local police to pray into hotspots, problems areas and unsolved crimes that has seen a measurable decrease in the overall crime rate.

Martha Lucia
The Watchman Network

Martha Lucia, founder of this network, is an ordained minister who has been sowing into England to help teach and train an army of intercessors. She serves as the General of Intercession for Christian International Ministries Network and is a member of the "Eagles of God" strategic intercession team.

Alistair Petrie
Partnership Ministries

Alistair Petrie was born in Scotland and raised in Canada and has pastored in England and Scotland. He is an author, consultant and conference speaker who travels extensively working with leaders in churches, businesses, cities and nations addressing both local and global issues. He helps the Church to discover the cutting edge insights required in preparing it for revival and lasting transformation.