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Since March 2001, Gateway Ministries (formerly Gateway Christian Media Ltd.) has been facilitating the distribution of products dealing with community transformation.

Our range of products are dedicated to assisting the wider Body of Christ achieve the goal of community transformation. The video products from The Jeremiah Project were the first to be made available in this country.

Gateway Ministries is committed to assisting God's praying people in being made fully aware of the resources available that contain keys to unlocking the bondages prevalent in our communities. As such, we also have included products from our own shores that denote a new wineskin in the making.

Apart from product sales, Gateway is increasingly able to help in providing research consultancy and advice. In this, we network closely with key strategic prayer and spiritual warfare ministries and take part with others in strategies aimed to bring about the spiritual release of our communites.

Gatway Ministries' spiritual DNA is in asking the dual question: How has the enemy extinguished the redemptive flame and what have been the key tactics and strategies used? We then begin to:

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