Francesca Cornu Fleming, Dir. Gateway Ministries Dear Friends,

As I have travelled around Europe I have come across some amazing saints who are working wholeheartedly to bring God's Kingdom into their sphere of influence. Some of these - Franz Lippi, Alan Vincent and Debra Green in particular - I have visited and seen firsthand the changes that are taking place in their city as a result of the keys they have discovered. They are faithfully putting these keys into practice, which are making a radical difference to changing the atmosphere in their region.

I believe they have a lot to impart to us as they have toiled in the difficult soil of Europe - the only continent not to have experienced community transformation on a measurable scale like that we have seen in the transformations videos. Every region is different and God equips his saints with the tools necessary to take the land in which they have been placed. Franz Lippi, for example, maintains a secret life with the Lord Jesus Christ to be a non-negotiable essential, even within a busy metropolis, and without which we cannot begin to receive the strategy from God on how to reach our city. He unfolds the multiplication principle of two or three in an entirely new way and can point to its practical outworking in Graz, his city in Austria. He and his network are also awesome strategic prayer warriors in a predominantly Catholic nation where less than 1% of its people are born again.

Debra Green has been toiling in the northern city of Manchester with evident success. She has taken on the prayer burden of interceding for the Police and they now partner with her network on a regular basis, as they have seen the crime rate fall as a result of prayer. The DVD sold with the book contains interviews with the Police amongst others.

Alan Vincent is a Father in the faith to many, not only from these shores but from other continents also. A missionary in India for many years he saw transformation on a city scale years before the videos were released! He now inputs primarily into Europe and USA.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to present the teaching of these wonderful men and women of God to GCM customers. They are not household names, not 'platform' ministries, but ordinary Christians like you and me, who dare to believe that God can and will change the region in which they have called. I recommend them to you.

With Every Blessing,


Francesca Cornu Fleming, November 2006

Gateway Ministries.